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il successo è un viaggio

non una meta

il design non è come appare

ma come funziona

passione e curiosità

= innovazione

la qualità non è mai casuale

serve uno sforzo intelligente

la passione non si descrive

si vive

specialised in the construction of vehicles for the transport of livestock

animals in first class


Standard and customized product

In addition to the standards required by the regulations on the transport of livestock, thanks to the collaboration of the best technical partners, IRMA has developed the ability to analyze the needs of its customers to develop and implement solutions with an high added value.

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processing technical drawings

The first projects of the years '60s were conceived and written on sheets of paper. Changes were made during the process of work and eventually corrected with the addition of notes and drawings by hand. Technical drawing was always made on paper but using the drawing board with all the specifications.

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This section shows pictures of the new vehicles and we update it periodically. You may find vehicles that you know or that you are using, but also a collection of pictures of some details that might be interesting for you, followed by a sequence of videos.

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Technical Partners

alcoa bpw michelin wabco jost Pagg Aspöck

Assistance and Bodywork