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L series

Truck bodies entirely made of aluminum alloy on a sub-frame made of high strength steel for vehicles from 3.5 tons. to 18Ton.

Versions: L1-2-3 for one or more fixed loading decks.
The ventilation, which can be adjusted with exterior sliding panels, is set up on the two sides of the vehicle through openings that can vary depending on the model with tubes of appropriate section to prevent the exposure of the transported animals. A series of fans positioned at the sides improves the ventilation in warmer periods.
The interior, which has not protruding details, avoids injury to the transported animals and one or more dividing gates allow the adequate separation. The bottom is made of antiskid aluminum alloy with high mechanical and anti-corrosion resistance; it is welded watertight on the whole perimeter.
The rear loading ramp is supplied with protection panels with quick release and by compensated springs for lifting them; there are two or more doors on the rear access while for the inspection the box is provided with a front door on the right side; all along the whole perimeter of the interior space there is an high resistance tube which allows to tether the animals during the journey.
Special boxes may be required for specific situations as more side doors and interiors divided for the transport of particular breeds, internal ramp for the loading of the second floor, fixing supports for weighing systems.
Mudguards made of stainless steel with rubber, inox tool box, sewage discharges, marker lights and indoor and outdoor discharge light equip the vehicle.