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MX series

Stainless steel box divided into two or more sections by a robust head complete with doors, the configurations are with 2 + 2 - 3 + 3 - 4 + 4 loading decks and hydraulic coverage with several sections

Body: stainless steel box divided into two or more sections by a robust head complete with doors, the configurations are with 2 + 2 - 3 + 3 - 4 + 4 loading decks and hydraulic coverage with several sections. Stainless steel structure AISI 304 2B, panels thickness 30 made of anodized aluminum alloy and tubes electrically welded with a diameter of 25 / 33mm for the containment of transported animals made of brushed AISI 304. The interior is made of aluminum alloy (6082T6), it has not protruding details which avoids injury to the transported animals and one or more dividing gates allow the adequate separation. The bottom is made of antiskid aluminum alloy with high mechanical and anti-corrosion resistance; it is welded watertight on the whole perimeter. There are two, four or more doors proportionally divided in height on the rear. For the inspection, access is provided by several side doors, the whole is built on a stainless steel sub-frame AISI 304 F1.
Ventilation and air exchange: the air flow in cold periods can be adjusted with sliding panels mounted on each side or with folding panels. An adequate number of fans allows the exchange of air during hot periods; they are positioned on the side of the vehicle (above the level of the back of the animals) and they have an high air flow. Everything is always controlled by a system of temperature detection and by an electronic controller for the automatic start of the system.
Loading decks: movable, hydraulic functioning, with rack alignment . They are stopped at the desired height with quick entry pins and ,optionally, automatic couplings can also be activated by the remote control. Decks are made of aluminum alloy panels and they are welded to extruded side profiles of different design, each deck is provided with one or more dividing panels which can be positioned in different positions also sliding.
Roof: made of aluminum alloy or stainless steel. It is pushed with adjustable height on the deck level or with its own independent hydraulic cylinders connected to the flow divider with piloted check valves. It has a working stroke of 800 mm. The polyurethane insulation is 30mm.
Drinking system: it is composed by tanks for adult cattle and they are inserted on the front and / or on the sides of the vehicle. In 3 and 4 floors versions, the drinking system has also nipple drinkers, optionally you can add your own spray with pressure pump. Some boxes may be equipped with capacious folding tanks with its own fixing support, the water tank is made of AISI 304 and the functioning can be pneumatic or by electric pump.
Loading ramp: provided with complete protection barriers with quick release and compensated springs for the lifting; available with hydraulic movement and it may also have vertical scrolling to release the rear openings.
Electro-hydraulic system: with electric ventilated pump and electrically controlled distributor, safety devices in accordance with the Machinery Directive, bypass valve for the slow lowering of the load, the system can be actioned manually or by remote control radio frequency, electrical panel for the activation of the interior lights, discharge lights, auxiliary lights, automatic clutches of decks.
Accessories: integral fairing, side maneuvering lights, reversing sensors with auto brake (on trailers and semitrailers), hydraulic ramp, ramp with hydraulic vertical movement, electric closing of lateral wings, sliding dividing panels and telescopic dividers, rear cargo lift, loading side ramp, complete opening of the rear part, pneumatic valve and heater of the water tank, faucet for hand washing, high-pressure spraying, hydraulic power strip, control of system and temperature on tablet, customized tool boxes, special box for combined transport with retractable tarpaulins, any other accessory is available when configuring the vehicle.