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9000 series

Box body for the transport of livestock fully insulated with steel frame and infill compound.

Loading decks, roof and rear cargo lift are provided with electro movement which make the loading of animals more practical and faster; the side inspection doors allow to display the loaded animals.
The interior climate is obtained from the treatment of the external air which is purified by UV lamps and expelled for the entire volume every time you change it. This will ensure an optimal and pure microclimate.
A large air conditioning system with heating pump controls the temperature during the entire climatic cycle, and a series of heat exchangers reduces the power requirement, all under the supervision of a software that is connected to a series of sensors.
Forced ventilation occurs inside the box through ducts. Fans are protected by appropriate filters to prevent the block caused by the shift of sawdust during the loading or the unloading.
Preventing alerts and an autonomous emergency system drastically reduce the risk of downtime system.